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The V-core Lift Essential Program For Women's Pelvic Floor Health
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Isa Herrera's Clinically-proven Program For Healing Female Pelvic Floor Symptoms, Urine Leaking, Prolapse, Pressure, And Urgency. Includes Kegels/un-kegels, Female Massages, Core, Bladder Retraining & Bodywork Proven With Over 15,000 Healings.
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The V-core Lift Essential Program For Women's Pelvic Floor Health
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CB V-Core Lift | Pelvic Pain Relief
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NYC Madison Avenue Pelvic Physical Therapist Who’s Helped Over 22,000 Women Shares the TRUTH About Kegels Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know.

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So Let’s Start With Busting 3 Myths About Kegels That YourDoctor Doesn’t Even Know: -

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Reclaim your Queendom and enjoy being a woman again Resolve your symptoms in the privacy and comfort of home Just say no to invasive treatments, injections or medication You can have all of this and so much more, simply by harnessing the power that already exists within you because… Hi, I’m Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, a licensed, pelvic physical therapist. For the last 15 years, I’ve personally helped over 14,000 women resolve their symptoms naturally in my NYC Madison Ave clinic. While helping women in my NYC clinic I discovered a couple of things… Many women simply don’t know that they have 100% control over their pelvic floor,  the muscles that support their pelvic organs, the bladder and lady parts. As we get older, or after childbirth, we may lose some control over some of the pelvic organs, such as the bladder and experience urine leaking, pelvic pressure, vaginal looseness or dryness. Issues that we have led to believe are “normal” part of being a woman. My mission is to help one million women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and to help women discover a truth that’s been held back from us… …that the pelvic floor muscles are a set of muscles that we DO have control over and we can bring them back to health using natural methods and exercise. I have shouted this truth from the mountain tops for over 18 years and I am grateful to have reached national TV, radio shows and prestigious magazines. I’m so passionate about helping women heal that I’ve also written 5 books, 3  on the topic of pelvic health, and I’ve created online pelvic healing programs so that women can take back control of their “Queendoms.” Here’s another truth once you discover how to engage and strengthen these muscles, you’ll be amazed at the type of transformation that takes place at the core, an area that I like to call a woman’s “V-Core”. Let me take a minute to share how I discovered the V-Core and how it changed my life and the lives of thousands of women forever… Your Body Is Not Your Enemy Finally, Discover  How to Make Peace With Yourself and Fall In Love With You All Over Again You’re about to discover a way to harness your strong inner core and realign your body. You’ll strengthen the foundations of your pelvis, so you can stand, sit, sleep, pick things up and exercise without fear of leaking or discomfort. Imagine how liberating it would be to feel totally at ease with your body again. Imagine feeling confident, sexy and wearing whatever you want without the bulky panty liners. Imagine moving without fear or inhibitions and feeling free to do the things that you love. But I have to warn you, before I show you the simple techniques that will give you back the keys to your life…you’ll need to ‘unlearn’ something that might actually have been making things worse — like Kegel exercises you were NEVER meant to do in the first place! So Let’s Start With Busting 3 Myths About Kegels That Your Doctor Doesn’t Even Know: These Kegel myths are dangerous because if you believe them, you’re missing out on the simple tweaks which actually do make your Kegels effective…and you might even be doing MORE damage. Kegel Myth #1: Squeezing The “Down There” Muscles Is Enough Truth. For every Kegel, there is a Reverse kegel or what I like to call the Unkegel, and squeezing the Kegel muscles isn’t enough. Too many Kegels could be making you leak more or have more pressure in your “Lady Bits.” Just like lifting weights, the WAY you do something matters. If you lift weights the wrong way or do too many repetitions, you risk overstraining your pelvic floor muscles or hurting yourself—the same thing with Kegels. More is not better. I call this “Kegel Tension Syndrome” that’s when a woman does too many Kegels and leaks more, has more pain, or develops weak orgasms. There are some precise techniques involving Kegels, things like breathing, the right way, posture, and proper form. If

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