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Active since: Monday, August 28, 2017
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Win Detector
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Make Crazy Commissions With This Horse Race Betting Offer! Main Offer + Upsell
Category name: Betting Systems

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Win Detector
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Win Detector
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Make Crazy Commissions With This Horse Race Betting Offer! Main Offer + Upsell

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EarnedPerSale: $17.98
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Sign up safely and securely in just a couple of clicks with your credit/debit card. Your purchase will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! Just like with these 'alt coins' you hear about, the only want to make big money is to get in there early before the mainstream finds out about it. The same is true of Win Detector. For the moment, only a few 'neck beards' know about this. They're making thousands of pounds on a near-daily basis, under the radar. And there's no reason why you can't join them. As I already mentioned, I'm an old school punter, so I absolutely would not have known about this, had it not been for the fact that my son, Mark, was recruited to the coding team. Mark graduated top of his class at Loughborough University and is nothing short of a genius. That being said, he was only hired as a junior coder! So the guys above him must be on another level. . Win Detector may only be in its early stages but so far, the AI technology has proven to be incredibly sophisticated. But for every person who's excited, there's another who is concerned… Presently, the strike rate of the Win Detector AI is around 87% (very high). But what happens when there is no margin of error? Will that be the end of betting entirely? I really couldn't say. I don't know much at all about the technology. As a part of my son's employment contract, he was required to sign a strict NDA. If he whispers so much as a word, even to me, his old dad, he will be sued to bankruptcy. The Win Detector investors are no joke. For legal reasons I can't name names. But let's just say that they definitely have one of the 'space-race' billionaires involved, and I've heard murmurs that the other may also have invested. Mr 'packages-to-your-door' can't resist the opportunity to seize and dominate a lucrative market. And with this AI he could become the king of betting. With such big names backing this project, you'd have to be a fool not to get involved. I've been betting for well over thirty years, and in that time, I've had a couple of winning streaks. I've had a few 'jumping out my seat and punching the air' moments. I've treated the wife to a fancy meal here and there with my winnings… But this is something else. This is another level. I'm talking buy a new car, buy a new house and take a luxury trip around the world, kind of money! I'm being deadly serious. This system may be new and under the radar for the moment, but the guys who have been using it for just a few months are coming up on £100,000 in winnings! That is INSANE. And making that kind of money didn't require going to university, landing a high-flyer job or even doing any work whatsoever. All they had to do was place a few bets and then collect theirtax-free winnings. It really is THAT SIMPLE. Each day, Win Detector will send you an email containing its daily predictions for horse racing – and remember, those selections are 87% accurate on average. And all you have to do is place those bets. This really could not be easier. This is the system you’ve been searching for. Of course, there is an element of exclusivity with this system. Which, when you consider the big names involved, is rather unsurprising. However, anyone can join this private members club, so long as they are willing to prove they are serious about betting. In order to demonstrate your commitment, it is required that you make a small contribution to the club, to the sum of £29.99. This is a one-time investment. You will never have to pay another penny, and you will continue to receive daily tips via email, indefinitely. .

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