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Monday, July 22, 2019

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Ageless Brain
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Earn Up To $69.89 Per Sale On This 6-month Brain Health Protocol. Caters To Boomer Concerns About Cognitive Decline And Dementia. High Quality Sales Page + 7-day Evergreen Deadline Funnel. Email Swipes, Advertorial Targets, And Banners To Promote It All.
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Ageless Brain
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Sales Page - Ageless Brain
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Earn Up To $69.89 Per Sale On This 6-month Brain Health Protocol. Caters To Boomer Concerns About Cognitive Decline And Dementia. High Quality Sales Page + 7-day Evergreen Deadline Funnel. Email Swipes, Advertorial Targets, And Banners To Promote It All.

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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Crumbling personality Inability to complete even simple tasks And, in the end, total dependence on others for survival in a battle which is ultimately ALWAYS lost… Each of these companies, despite their enormous financial and scientific resources, impressive drug-discovery successes of the past, and the lure of future prescription drug riches beyond anything Wall Street investors could possibly imagine, failed utterly in their bid to engineer a drug to combat dementia [Refs. 1,2]. With each tanked effort the lesson hammered home has been that while clinical trials for prospective cancer drugs come back with a sliver of good news at least half the time [Ref. 3], for promising drugs that would fight dementia the final drug approval rate is closer to 4 in every one thousand hopeful compounds tested [Ref. 4]. Even then, the drugs approved so far for medical use combat only the symptoms of cognitive decline, and not the root cause. In other words… Approved “memory rescue” drugs neither eradicate nor prevent dementia Unfortunately, when it comes to arming you in the fight against dementia, if someone hands you a weapon it won’t come in the form of a pill… So big pharma has all but given up on ever being able to find a cure for this dreadful condition that robs people of their dignity as it extinguishes their minds. In short, these companies have given up on YOU. By rights, you should be upset about this. VERY upset. Because now you’re effectively on your own. If you have secretly been hoping for a “silver bullet” to decisively fight dementia on your behalf – should you one day need the assistance – well, it appears you are out of luck. You and the 150 million others worldwide who are expected to be affected by dementia by the year 2050. As I have said, you have every right to be upset about this. And yet… Not everyone is disturbed about this unwelcomed news Judging from the solicitations cluttering my inbox daily, a number of parties much smaller than the Pfizer’s and the Eli Lilly’s of this world have now succeeded not only in coming up with ways to fight off the debilitating influence of dementia, but reverse it… Not all astonishing tales involving the brain are untrue. Marian Diamond, the 1960’s neuroscientist who discovered brain cells can rewire at every stage of life, at the microscope she used to study Albert Einstein’s brain. Four thin slices arrived preserved in formaldehyde inside a mayonnaise jar. Diamond found the physicist’s brain especially rich in “glial” cells. To hear them tell the story: It’s the junk food that reverses Alzheimer’s. Just two bites of this weird-looking food and your memories, intelligence, even your sense of humor come rushing back… in just 90 days! Boosts the size of your brain by up to 14 percent! The unlikely nutrient discovered growing on a tiny South Pacific island that produces 7 times more geniuses than anywhere else on earth… Brain-shrunken and robbed of his speech he contracted into the fetal position. But after this one simple meal plan he was able to wire a home generator, read Time Magazine, and joke with family again! It’s the single most important memory-health discovery of the century. Mixed with any diet, it strengthens the complete cognitive power of your brain. Learn people’s names, computer skills, even a new language! As you have likely already guessed, these stories are pure nonsense. Malarkey. Bunkum. Hocus. Dare I repeat my point? Piffle and poppycock. Not one of these sensational claims is supported by even a thread of scientific justification. And likely not one of their authors is the least bit worried about concocting their fantastic tales. That’s because… These modern day snake oil salesmen are looking to use your brain against you They are banking on the idea that you are frightened the truth about how to preserve the health of your brain may not be simple. They take delight in the notion that the mere prospect of complexity will do their job for them, paralyze your in

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