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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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ClickBank Marketplace information

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Active since: Tuesday, July 19, 2011
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Magic Guru Squeeze Software
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Create Squeeze Pages Like The Gurus Are Using In A Few Minutes. Includes Master Resale Rights (mrr) And Sales Page.
Category name: Computers / Internet

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Magic Guru Squeeze Software
Website META Title:
Magic Guru Squeeze
Website META Description:
Create Squeeze Pages Like The Gurus Are Using In A Few Minutes. Includes Master Resale Rights (mrr) And Sales Page.

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Popularity Rank: 40
Offers Recurring Products: false
Gravity: 1.2045
EarnedPerSale: $1.80
PercentPerSale: 50
TotalEarningsPerSale: $1.80
TotalRebillAmt: $0.00
Referred: 73

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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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"Brand New Software Allows Anyone To Create Stunning Squeeze Pages Like Those The Gurus Are Using, In Just A Few Clicks And A Few Minutes..." Fill in the Blanks, Push a Button & Out Pops A Fully Featured Ready-To-Go Squeeze Page... Use Magic Guru Squeeze to create stunning squeeze pages with ease. Create powerful squeeze pages, in a few clicks and a few minutes. Used today by the industries top professionals (the "gurus")! Here Are The Main Features Of This Software Professional Design Be confident that the software will always work and your pages will look good. Increase the conversions of your email optin rate with professional squeeze page design.. Easy to Use Fill in the blanks, push a button, tell the software where to save it, and out pops your page, ready to be uploaded on your site. Add any content to your page and use your preferred autoresponder service. Valid HTML5 and CSS3 Code The web page is using a valid HTML5 and CSS3 code and a tableless CSS3 design, including rounded corners, page shadow and much more. Except the background images, no other images are necessary, but you can add as many images as you want... Easily Add Audio Background Breathe new life into your pages by adding a audio background. You can use a Youtube video (not displayed on the page but located in a hidden div container) or any MP3 file uploaded on your site. Fan Page Ready - Works on Facebook You can use your squeeze page as a normal web page, but you can also use it as a Facebook fan page. Just make sure to add your App ID and Facebook admin ID in the provided form and paste your link into your App... Easily Add A Slideshow Background Add up to ten background images to your page, choose the slide time, fade time to easily have a effective slideshow background. The slideshow background will work on all browsers and all devices - including mobile devices and the old IE versions. Responsive Design - Works On Any Mobile Device The page generated will adapt its layout and design to fit any device that is used to display it. Due to some limitations of the mobile devices, the background audio cannot be used properly on such devices. All the other page settings will work on mobile devices (background slideshow, colors, rounded corners, transparency, etc.), except the width, of course, which will adapt to fit the device width. Generated Pages Will Work With All Modern Browsers... I have tested the pages generated by the software in all major browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (some CSS3 features - rounded corners and page shadows - will not work in IE 7&8) and they work great in (almost) all browsers... Just open the example links below in different browsers to see how they look... Take a Look:

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