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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Isometrics Mass
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Pack On Muscle Mass And Get Ripped With Isometrics! Brand New Muscle-building Hook! Email To Get Whitelisted For 90% Commission.
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Isometrics Mass
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Isometrics Mass – Isometrics Mass
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Pack On Muscle Mass And Get Ripped With Isometrics! Brand New Muscle-building Hook! Email To Get Whitelisted For 90% Commission.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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However, over time the barrage of training on your body will smother your progress… Like a snake coiling around its prey and squeezing tightly… Eventually your male hormones will tire-out. And any chance you had of building a muscular body will be crushed. Because according to a recent study published in Scientific Reports, men with lower testosterone levels suffer from accelerated muscle-loss (1)… Which is the primary reason most men fail to build muscle as they age despite working out for long hours and eating healthy… And you’ll not only struggle to build muscle... you’ll also become dead in the pants (2). What I mean is, your sex-drive and ability to “perform” will fizzle out with your testosterone... Crushing your self-confidence and wrecking the intimacy you once had with your spouse or partner. Eventually, you’ll feel trapped in a weak body with little self-esteem and an “out of order” sign dangling down-below. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. You see… Around 30-minutes Into Training, Your Testosterone Skyrockets... Which should be the moment you walk away from your workout and enjoy a MASSIVE all-day anabolic spike. However... ​​​​​Most workout programs have you stay in the gym much longer... Which wears-down your body’s #1 muscle-building hormone. Because after 45-minutes of training, your testosterone levels slowly drop. And according to a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology, after 60-minutes of exercise, your body stops producing testosterone and starts making cortisol (3)... A hormone that eats away your muscle tissue and increases body fat… Most Workout Programs Force Your Body To STOP Producing Testosterone And Start Making Cortisol... A Hormone That Eats Away Your Muscle. And in a minute I’ll show you the “holy grail” mass movement I use to get maximum muscle activation during my workouts while spending less than 30 minutes in the gym… And how this one technique helped me supercharge my testosterone levels and never waste a minute on pointless sets and reps that kill your male hormones. Yet first... Here’s another barrier most men face when trying to build a head-turning, muscular physique that catches the eye of the opposite sex... 2 - INJURY CYCLE Have you ever started a workout routine only to stop months, maybe weeks later from joint pain or a sudden injury? Many men have. In fact… A recent report shows more than 10,000 people are treated in emergency rooms across the United States for exercise-related injuries every single day (4)… Which doesn’t include the men and women who suffer in silence with strained back muscles, sharp knee and elbow pain, neck discomfort, and other nagging injuries caused by exercise damage. Think about it... What’s the fastest way to stop your muscle building results dead in its tracks? Injuries... More than 10,000 people in America are treated in emergency rooms for exercise-related injuries every day... ​​​​After all, you can’t exercise when you’re hurt, right? And if you do, you’re one wrong movement away from doubling over in pain... Laying on the floor while the gym staff calls for paramedics to haul you out of the building and rush you to a nearby hospital for an expensive surgery or scary exam… And What Happens If You Do Need Surgery? How long will it take to recover after doctors slice open your skin and shove tubes, mesh, and other medical gadgets into your body before sowing you back up? A few months, a year? Maybe longer... Yet that’s not all. Constant pain and injury will throw your body into an endless cycle of frustration. You see... Building the body of your dreams is like pushing a large rock up a mountain... Yet with every pinch, pull, crack or tear, the rock slips out of your hands and rolls back downhill. Forcing you to start over again and again until your will is broken and you throw in the towel for good... And possibly become one of the millions of men who are overweig

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