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Killer Guitar Control Secrets
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At Last, The Mystery Of Playing Soulful Leads From The Heart Has Been Decoded For Your Immediate Benefit. Master The 3 Components Of Guitar Control, And Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level Now, No Matter What Your Level Of Technique Is.
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Secrets to Playing Guitar, Claude Johnson, Beginner to Pro
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Guitar Control | 3 Secrets to Killer Guitar Control by Claude Johnson
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Guitar Control | 3 Secretsto Killer Guitar Control by Claude Johnson

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In The Beginning, I Sucked Too. But Then... - Then, One Day I Had Big "Ah-Ha" And It All Changed. - Here Are The 3 Critical Components Of Killer Guitar Control Secrets. - Is This The Greatest Guitar Secret Ever? - Your Guitar Playing Is Going To Change... Fast. - Learning This Secret Sent Shockwaves Through My Body. It Was Like A Stairway From Heaven Fell From The Sky. - Is Guitar Playing Your Passion? - Discover A GOLDMINE Of Guitar Secrets In One Fun Weekend! - Learn The POWERFUL TRICK Of How To Switch Scales Instantly In The Middle Of A Solo Just Like The Guitar Masters. - Yes, Learning These 3 Secrets Can Transform You Into A Guitar Legend. - Increase Your Shredding Speed. - It's How The Pros Make Their Leads Orgasmic... - Real Guitar Control Is Deeper Than Sheer Technique. - And That's Just The First Module. There's Tons More Easy Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Playing Just From Watching These Videos. - Discover The Secret To Making Your Guitar Talk. - The Secret Behind Jimi Hendrix's Legendary Ability... - Become A Wah-Wah King. - Why You Need To Buy Guitar Control. - You WON'T Find These Secrets In The Magazines. - I've Got It Down To A Science... - But You Can Earn It With The Help Of Killer Guitar Control Secrets. - Plus You Also Get 4 More Amazing Guitar Courses Included With Your Package. - Why You Should You Order Right Now. - It's Time To Re-Ignite Your Passion For The Guitar And Have Fun With It. - You're Protected By Our Famous 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee. - Am I Insane? Or Is This Package That GOOD? - It's A Big Bundle Of Guitar Learning Joy For A Tiny Price. - Save Yourself Lots of Trial And Error With These Killer Guitar Lessons. - Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Course: -

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Fretboard Knowledge, and the "Brain-to-Hand" Connection. First, you need at least a basic level of technique. This is the most fundamental level of guitar training. And I will show you how you can boost your technique quickly. The second component is fretboard knowledge. I'll show you how the entire neck connects together. After watching this course, you'll know how all the notes tie together into melodic and harmonic arrangements and patterns, and how to command the fretboard for song writing or improvising. There is a wealth of fretboard knowledge lying underneath every simple scale. The deeper your knowledge is, the greater your ability will be to create interesting melodies and solos. Wait until you learn some of my simple shortcuts to mastering the fretboard. They'll take years of your learning curve. But then I dropped an atomic bomb when I reveal the third component... Is This The Greatest Guitar Secret Ever? Yes, I am talking about the invisible X-factor that every guitar hero possesses. The brain-to-hand connection. This factor lets you totally maximize your expressive capability and control using the chops you already have. Some pros call it playing from the heart. As far as I know, no one has ever decoded this before. "dude you rock. great instruction... i have been playing 30 yrs and you showed me some stuff i never figured out... i got so much out of the first DVD i'm saving the second one for later... understand i am a working musician... but your simplistic method has opened gigantic doors for me..." ~ Ken Hill, Moorpark, California Don't worry if you're playing as great as you'd like it to be yet. Listen... Virtually every guitar teacher out there teaches you techniques and that's cool. However, NO ONE is teaching you the guitar mindset, approach and paradigm of the legends and that's the missing link that you need. And as soon as you learn it... Your Guitar Playing Is Going To Change... Fast. I know that's a big claim, but I get emails everyday from guitar players telling me that my video made a huge difference with their guitar playing. Here's another example: It's opening up a new world I never knew "Claude, Got the DVDs already! Very fast service! Have watched them through twice already. I think they're great. I like the way you are showing things just lke you are in the room w/ me. Some things are clear already that I never knew before. I think I can begin to play from the heart maybe someday soon. You seem like a very likeable real person, and I like you're "style" of playing and you seem to naturally play from the heart. I'm inspired to be much better than I am already from your dvds. Thanks so mucho. By the way, I just turned 60 and it is opening up a new world I never knew. Thanks again." ~ Michael Carman, McLouth, Kansas Learning This Secret Sent Shockwaves Through My Body. It Was Like A Stairway From Heaven Fell From The Sky. I break down exactly how you can master the critical guitar ability. If you are serious about becoming a guitar legend, you HAVE TO KNOW THIS. The funny thing is, almost every guitar player overlooks this critical concept. I'm super excited to share my most precious Guitar Control Secrets with you. I know it' what you've been secretly looking for and it's gonna completely change your guitar playing almost overnight. This course called "Killer Guitar Control Secrets" reveals the fastest shortcuts possible to becoming a Guitar Legend. Is Guitar Playing Your Passion? I've played tons of live gigs in my day, and let me tell you... I'm in heaven when I'm on stage. Lost in the music. Especially when I'm improvising a wicked solo. To be honest, that's my heroin. Nothing jacks me up more than being able to play just what I feel in the moment. Whether you're a raw beginner or a seasoned player, "Killer Guitar Control Secrets" will completely wrap how you approach playing. And I promise, it will open wild doorways on the fretboard you never knew existed. Get ready for a fun and exciting

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