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Thursday, December 12, 2019

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Killer Guitar Control Secrets
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At Last, The Mystery Of Playing Soulful Leads From The Heart Has Been Decoded For Your Immediate Benefit. Master The 3 Components Of Guitar Control, And Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level Now, No Matter What Your Level Of Technique Is.
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Killer Guitar Control Secrets
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Killer Guitar Control Secrets
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Choose our Killer Guitar Control Secrets 3 DVD set to learn how to master the basic skills and advanced playing techniques!

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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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In The Beginning, I Sucked Too. But Then... - Then, One Day I Had Big "Ah-Ha" And It All Changed. - Here Are The 3 Critical Components Of Killer Guitar Control Secrets. - Is This The Greatest Guitar Secret Ever? - Your Guitar Playing Is Going To Change... Fast. - Learning This Secret Sent Shockwaves Through My Body. It Was Like A Stairway From Heaven Fell From The Sky. - Is Guitar Playing Your Passion? - Discover A GOLDMINE Of Guitar Secrets In One Fun Weekend! - Learn The POWERFUL TRICK Of How To Switch Scales Instantly In The Middle Of A Solo Just Like The Guitar Masters. - Yes, Learning These 3 Secrets Can Transform You Into A Guitar Legend. - Increase Your Shredding Speed. - It's How The Pros Make Their Leads Orgasmic... - Real Guitar Control Is Deeper Than Sheer Technique. - And that's just the first DVD. There's tons more easy secrets that will supercharge your playing just from watching these DVDs. - Discover the secret to making your guitar talk. - The Secret Behind Jimi Hendrix's Legendary Ability... - Become a Wah-wah King. - Why You Need To Buy Guitar Control. - You WON'T Find These Secrets In The Magazines. - I've Got It Down To A Science... - But You Can Earn It With The Help Of Killer Guitar Control Secrets. - Plus you also get 4 more amazing guitar courses included with your package. - Why You Should You Order Right Now. - It's time to re-ignite your passion for the guitar and have fun with it. - The Craziest Guarantee In The World! - Am I Insane? Or is This Package that GOOD? - It's a big bundle of guitar learning joy for a tiny price. - Here's some frequently asked questions about the course: - Play Your Favorite Songs With The Ultimate Guitar Song Collection. - Learn Lead Guitar, The Fast And Easy Way. - Learn To Play Smokin' Blues Guitar In Record Time With Easy-To-Learn Essential Blues Riffs And Licks Complete With Tabs And DVDs. - Want Some No-Nonsense Straightforward Advice On Mastering The Acoustic Guitar? -

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Learn The POWERFUL TRICK Of How To Switch Scales Instantly In The Middle Of A Solo Just Like The Guitar Masters. How to use major scales to give your playing "The Top 40 Feel". Great to write pop songs that could become top hits (Watch this at 13:49). How to avoid the biggest mistake that $99 of guitarists make. Save yourself the years of heartbreaking frustration that most guitarists experience because of it (See it at 15:20). Unlock the blues power of classical chord structures that you can always rely on for a killer rhythm backbone (Watch it at 16:42). Become a guitar god by using the "key switch method". It's SUPER SIMPLE, but it instantly brings your solos to a whole new level (Learn this trick at 18:05). How to burst out of a rut immediately by tapping into a new enthusiasm and freshness you might be missing. This tip is so simple yet so effective, that you'll shake your head in disbelief. You'll be jam-packed with inspiration whenever you need it (See this at 18:17). Learn the three cornerstones of improvisation. Yes, Learning These 3 Secrets Can Transform You Into A Guitar Legend. Nothing is more impressive than a guitar player who can tap into his feel deep in the moment. Perhaps for the first time ever, the mystery of improvisation has been solved. I've decoded it for everyone to learn. Many guitarists tell me that this video has given them a unique perspective that they've never seen before. You'll be blown away at how easy you can become an "Improv God". Here's more juicy gems you'll discover. Learn step-by-step how to build killer technical skills with picking strategies that let you build up to warp speed with minimal practice time. Which skills you must focus on and which ones you should ignore. This can save you years of frustration. I'll cut through the confusion about the tons of choices we have on the fretboard. Learn exactly when and how to use both horizontal and vertical patterns. Don't be surprised when you're flying from one end of the neck to the other without breaking a sweat. Increase Your Shredding Speed. Easily master both alternate picking and economy picking. It might sound complicated but it's not with my clear and easy instructions. How to easily build up your shredding speed. The exact process to go from slow to blistering speed in record time is revealed. Learn to create monster leads and climactic solos using the power of scale sequences. You'll love this powerful but simple trick. It's How The Pros Make Their Leads Orgasmic... There's lots more cool tricks you'll discover, like: Learn a clever string-skipping secret that gives your playing dynamic energy and movement (Watch it at 33:44). How to create new sound with the tapping technique, and I'm not talking about cheesy-sounding patterns. Let me show you how to add tapping to your licks and still sound natural, soulful, and in total control. (Pay attention at 34:28). Do you wanna know what made Jimi Hendrix one of the best guitarist of all time? It's phrasing. Possibly for the first time ever, the magic of phrasing is decoded. This is how Eric Clapton and B.B King take a handful of notes and make it sound out of this world. Witness exactly how to make this happen (at 37:29). "Your phrasing is quite good and that is often an elusive skill to develop. Even the real virtuosos often have difficulty with this subtly. It was refreshing to hear most of your leads being bite sized, digestible music ideas for the ear, as opposed to the mindless flurries of notes you so often hear. Interesting as to the playing from the ear and not the fingers. You come off as a likeable man and that might be the most important thing of all. Very often one will watch a video - and I have them all from Russ Cooley to Brian May, and it will be very difficult to relate to the player. Your tone is good and unique, and your playing seems very competent. I think the material that you've provided is excellent stuff!" ~ Michael Melman, Guitar Teacher Manalapan, New Jers

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