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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Expert Program Design
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Expert Program Design Platform Is An Easy To Use Plug And Play Program Design Software Used By Fitness Professionals To Design Quality Scientific Fitness Programs. The Expert Design Program Can Be Used For Private Personal Training, Semi-private Training
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Expert Program Design
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Expert Program Design
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Expert Program Design

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As you know, private and semi-private personal training is great but it can have some limitations. Time... There are only so many hours in the day that you can train. Cost…there could be a financial barrier for many of your potential customers. Staff…as I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the staff you would only be able to see so many clients per day.  Now, you can use the “Expert Program Design Platform” to do private and semi-private sessions and have multiple programs for each client in the group! Imagine taking 3-4 clients and putting them into one group with different programs! This means more money and less time and you could also save time with the program design tool! Small Group Training! YES You can also use the program design platform to create amazing programs for small groups of 10. The best is that your staff could do it for you with guaranteed success! Large Group Training or Boot Camps! YES Are large groups your niche? With the 11 done-for-you workout templates, creating awesome professional large group workouts is a breeze! Forced to go online due to covid-19? Are You Doing Online Training and Program Design? Now, you DON'T have to spend upwards of $200 per month for the software you have trouble learning to use. Here’s how: Ultimately there will be some people who can’t afford any of your programs but would love to benefit from the results! You could easily in little time deliver a high-quality 3-month fitness program and sell it to them for a fraction of the cost! Start designing programs for people and you could make some serious money! Oh, did I mention that a video library of over 320 exercise videos was included?? You can use this to easily upsell the quality of your service by linking the exercise videos to your programs! And...with the added BONUS ebooks, you could be an expert in no time. Or... If you prefer to engage more or just like the idea of online training better, you can do that as well with the program design tool and exercise videos! Now you have the possibility of not one but two new services! “This is exactly how I grew my business 50% in ONLY 1 year.” so why do i need this again? You want to deliver EXPERT quality programs consistently.  You want to SAVE time. You want to GROW your business. You want to TRAIN your staff. You want to ADD new services. You DON'T want to pay $200 per month! YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY! "Because I know Fred personally and have been teaching Program Design to students in the UMass system for years now, he sent along his program design product for some feedback. I was more than a little impressed. I have seen attempts at building these tools before. Many are clumsy and hard to use. They are generally any but intuitive. As a practical matter, most designers have to limit the trainer's options for the sake of simplicity. Fred has managed to work around these major limitations. He has put together something I would feel comfortable using at my fact, I am looking at using the Exert Program Design Platform with my university students as a way to show them how programs are designed correctly." - Art McDermott CSCS, CISSN The Author of the Red Wine Diet and Baby Boomer Blueprint "If you are looking to take your programming to the next level, make sure you check out the Lean Performance Academy Expert Program Design Platform. This is a complete tool that will allow you to maximize your time and write stellar programs. The video library alone is worth the price, not to mention the flexibility and multiple templates included in the course.” Kane Sivesind - Founder of Habit Catalyst "Fred's program design systems BY FAR is the most in-depth and comprehensive system that I've seen; I wish I had this when I started training years ago. I can tell you that the next trainer that I hire WILL be using this system." -Travis Merrit The Facebook Ad Pro “If you're a trainer that spends too much time writing training programs for