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Powerful Pressing
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Powerful Pressing Will Take You On A Physical And Emotional Journey To A Better Quality Of Life. Pica Covers Ground On The Technicalities Of The Strict Press, How The Press Impacts And Works Specific Muscle Groups And How To Set Up Your One-rep Max.
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Powerful Pressing
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Powerful Pressing - Janelle Pica
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Powerful Pressing Will Take You On A Physical And Emotional Journey To A Better Quality Of Life. Pica Covers Ground On The Technicalities Of The Strict Press, How The Press Impacts And Works Specific Muscle Groups And How To Set Up Your One-rep Max.

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Click to Get Stronger Today! ($39.95) “Prior to training with the Powerful Pressing Program, I was strict-pressing a 16kg, and could manage a 20kg if I was doing a push press and had momentum. At the end of the program, I was able to strict-press a 26kg! In addition, my waist decreased by three inches, from 42 down to 39. I am very surprised and impressed with the results I got in such a small window of time. The results that my peers and I attained speak to the well-thought-out and curated program. Janelle is always striving towards perfection. The gains achieved in the time given were very impressive. And it was simple and well laid out: do x, y, and z, and get stronger. I like that.” 
 Elizabeth Pantalone
, Client of Primal Fitness Pittsburgh LLC, 
Pittsburgh PA, USA 
 Enter the kettlebell. The strict press quickly entered Pica’s heart as her favorite lift of them all, and today, she can press a 28 kg. with ease. She’s here to tell you that you can too. Whether you’ve already been training with kettlebells or you’re brand new to the sport, Pica has methods to advance your training. Kettlebells provide a full-body workout in a short span of time and, are conducive to fat loss and muscle gain. Plus, kettlebells provide an option for people who want to exercise without stressing their joints. Pica also covers the “What the heck?” effect. If you’re training in other sports, the kettlebell is a fantastic complementary exercise. Powerlifters, rejoice! If you want to increase the numbers on your overhead press, bench press, deadlift or barbell squat, kettlebells can provide your body with the conditioning it needs. Pica’s “Powerful Pressing” will take you on a physical and emotional journey to a better quality of life. She covers ground on the technicalities of the strict press, how the press impacts and works specific muscle groups and how to set up your one-rep max. The training manual guides users through Pica’s specialized training program that has been tried and tested in an online distance coaching group and in person at the studio. The results are undeniable; we’ve watched people get strong. Get Stronger Today! This exciting new release is available as a digital ebook that is downloadable in PDF format through Adobe Acrobat. Just simply point, click and have this exciting new new program sent to you directly via Email. Please allow 5-10 minutes for Emails to be generated and manuals to be sent. Get stronger today by picking up your copy of Janelle Pica’s Powerful Pressing Program for just $39.95. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at  with the subject line “Powerful Pressing” in your header. All sales inquiries will be receive a response with in 24 hours of the inquiry.

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