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Monday, September 16, 2019

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The Formentera Guide
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High Quality Guide Book To The Spanish Island Of Formentera.
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formentera guide book, formentera guide, formentera
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Formentera Guide Book
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Take a look inside this Formentera Guide Book, and see the beaches, biking and stunning sights that await the traveler to Formentera.

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Monday, September 16, 2019
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It’s an Easy Place to be Passionate About More Than a Typical Guide Book The Formentera Guide covers everything that you would expect of a typical guide book: history, places of interest, maps, nature, activities etc., and throughout there is also an emphasis on making it practical. For example, with the 20 cycling paths which are reviewed we haven’t just provided a map, but have also included photos of the entrances to the trails so that you won’t spend your time getting lost. And when it comes to the beaches we have provided plenty of photos that capture the different characteristics of the options. . We regularly update the book with feedback from readers, new things we discover on return visits, and updates from the Tourist Board. Because the book is instantly available for download we are able to make the changes so you are always getting the latest version. Also, the text is structured so that you can easily just print out the pages that you need for that day. It’s much handier being able to travel around with five pages in your hand than it is with a full book. Avoid the Common Mistakes The typical day tripper from Formentera gets off the ferry at La Savina, and hangs around the marina in an underwhelmed state of mind. Finally, realizing that the port doesn’t have that much to offer they head up to the capital Sant Francesc. The problem is that with ferries arriving at 11a.m., by the time they actually leave the port, the shops and restaurants of Sant Francesc are shutting for siesta. By this time they are scrambling to actually see something before they have to leave at 4p.m. Don’t make these mistakes of the typical tourist. . If you are a day tripper to Formentera then you want to avoid the standard itinerary that is thrust upon you as you get off the ferry. After reading our guide book you will be able to choose the route that suites you, from a country walk to bird watching in wetlands. We tell you how to get to the best beach on the island within 30 minutes of stepping off the ferry. After reading the book you will certainly want to stay on the island for more than a day. Get a Free Book We love to hear from our readers: if you provide us with feedback after your trip to Formentera, we will send you free updates for life. Every year, you will get the latest edition of The Formentera Guide. Inside the Guide Book The book is over 100 pages in length, and is packed with beautiful color photographs and practical advice. The best way to see what we have to offer is to take a look inside, or if you want to purchase the book right away then just click the Instant Access button below. The book is currently priced at just £4.99 .