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Master Karma
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Master Karma By Dr. Steve G. Jones
Category name: Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs

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Master Karma
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Master Karma
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Master Karma By Dr. Steve G. Jones

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"Discover How the Smallest Actions Determine the State of Your Future and How You Can Completely Protect Yourself from Bad Karma in this Lifetime. Are You Ready to Take Full Control of Your Destiny or Will You Let Bad Karma Block Your Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness?" "Leading Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Expert Reveals the True Face of Karma and How You Can Use It To Shape Your True Destiny. Find Out How You Can Cultivate Good Karma While Flushing Out Bad Karma From Your Life Forever." "Now is the Perfect Time to Enter the Amazing Universe of Karmic Forces, Where Your Actions and Words Shape Your True Fate on this Earth…And Finally – An Easy Way to Let Your Good Karma Take the Lead in Your Life so You Can Begin Creating Major Breakthroughs and Successes Effortlessly – Guaranteed!" - “How does karma affect my good fortune?” - “Is karma responsible for my personal troubles?” - “How can I change my karma for the better?” -  “Can I ever find true love?” -  “Will I ever get a raise or a good job?” - GOOD KARMA - BAD KARMA - "A little good karma can go a long way..." -  Karma doesn’t take sides, it doesn’t dictate what happens to your life either. Karma exists, like air and gravity, and works independently of people. - But this is just one tiny part of the whole story of how karma can actually help you. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of having good karma in this lifetime: -

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A loving relationship with your family that you will cherish for the rest of your life Broken family, disharmony and fighting among family members True love that nourishes and sustains A never-ending search for true love that will only result in sadness Wisdom and knowledge for all pursuits, small and big Confusion, indecision and lack of mental resources to solve pressing problems and issues Grace in the worst of situations Difficulties facing and overcoming even the simplest challenges Abundance comes easily Wealth and abundance are both elusive and/or insufficient As you can see, karma affects different dimensions of your life – it is always working in the background of your life, always influencing how things will play out in the end. Karma is there from the moment you are born into this world and it is the only natural force in the Universe that will influence how things will play out in your next life. Five Urgent Reasons Why You Should Study the Karmic Forces Karma is responsible for abundance, health and wealth – without prior knowledge of karma, you may be setting yourself up for bad karma later in life Karmic forces affect your social relationships and your status in life. Having trouble with your career and family life? Your karma has a direct influence on those dimensions of your life. Karma influences your ability to achieve important goals in life. In order to become truly successful in life, you have to know exactly how to cultivate good karma in every aspect of your existence. Since goals criss-cross different dimensions or phases of your existence, it is vital that you learn how to integrate positive karmic practice into your daily life. Karma affects your immediate, personal fortune. Fortune is the probability of attracting positive things into your life. Your karma dictates whether you are more likely to attract positive things or negative things. 5 Karma determines the outcomes of conscious creation. Karma works hand in hand with the LOA or the law of attraction. These two primal laws of the Universe ensure that what you reap, whether you are aware of it or not, will be exactly what you will be sowing when the right time comes. Are you ready to finally take control of your destiny? Dr. Steve G. Jones Karma Karma is so complex that it takes years for a single person to learn everything he needs to know about its application to daily life. I have taken the liberty of studying this powerful law of the Universe so that you won’t have to learn the principles through trial and error. Imagine: no more guesswork, no more trial and error. Once you learn the principles, you will be able to apply them immediately to all the dimensions of your life that are affected by bad karma. The program is composed of 8 power-packed modules that tackle all important principles of karma that affect your good fortune, health, career and all of those important dimensions of your life. The laws of karma apply to everyone, regardless of age, social status and gender. Good karma will continue to reward you as long as you are able to sustain the right effort to keep good karma in your life. My system takes away the difficulties with studying the karmic laws and makes everything simpler and easier to apply in real life. The lives that we lead now are all touched by karma and all the other primal laws of the Universe. That is why it is essential for you to maintain good karma because everything about you is hinged on the type of karma that you have been cultivating thus far. If you have good karma, you must learn how to sustain it so that you will continue to enjoy the gifts of the Universe for decades to come. If you think you are suffering from bad karma, know that there is a whole system just waiting for you so that you can change the negative impact of bad karma in your life. A Grand Destiny Awaits… Download Karma Instantly & Securely Only For $19.95 Here is a short preview of what you will find inside: Module 1: What is Karma