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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Operating With Dominance
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The Best Mindset & Behavior Course Available On CB. 50% Commissions And $1,000 Bonuses For Every 100 Sold. Higher Ticket Opportunities Available Can Be Added To Sales Funnel. Very Profitable Partnership, Long-term Partnership.
Category name: Self-Help

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Dominance, Mastery, Self-Improvement, Mindset, Masculinity,
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Operating With Dominance
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If you lack the ability to dominate in life, you'll find yourself being dominated by life. Learn how to become the master of yourself, to master the world around you.

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1 reviews
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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99% Of Men Will Only Know A Life of Mediocrity And Failure Learn How To Master Your Life, To Master The World Around You Take Ownership of Your Life and Stop Letting Life Own You Let me get straight to the point… you’re in danger of dying a life of failure, if you continue to remain content with mediocrity. 99% of men are wasting their life away because they refuse to part ways with an average existence. What makes this matter even worse is that the average man wants more out of life BUT for less than the best version of himself. That’s like wanting a chiseled, muscular body but you refuse to put the chips and beer down, to go put in hard work at the gym. The mere thought of your desired result is a waste of time without the necessary actions reinforcing what you want. Sadly, most men believe they can think and talk their way into success. And, this is why the majority of men will always complain about how life is unfair, to validate their excuses for operating with poor thinking and behavior. But, there is NO excuse for you choosing to give up control over your life. No matter your current circumstances in life, you can create a change, if you seek to claim ownership of YOURSELF. Your Mindset Creates The Reality You Experience If you ask the most successful men in the world what created the shift that allowed them to create a life of abundance, freedom, and wealth; they would say it was the transformation of their mindset. It had nothing to do with luck or being rewarded for their hard work. Plenty of men work hard but still live a life of struggle and lack. And, luck is nothing more than when preparation meets opportunity. The men who learned how to dominate life, first had to learn how to dominate their mind. Although this revelation sounds like an easy feat to accomplish, the man who is content with mediocrity can’t commit himself to being disciplined enough to take control of his life. All the average man does is find excuses for why his life sucks. But the only excuse that's valid is him being a sorry excuse for a man. Adult males who constantly complain and whine about life are nothing more than boys residing in adult bodies. Until you learn how to eliminate the excuses and become accountable for your thoughts and actions, your life will continue to resemble your poor mindset. Your reality won't change until you change who you are as a man. You're going to have to grow some nuts, put some courage in your heart, and choose to take life head-on, instead of shying away from the challenges accompanied with the pursuit of greatness. What Does Discipline Have To Do With Your Mindset? Discipline is the foundation of self-control. Self-control is the prerequisite of being a dominant man. If you want to gain control over your life, you must first introduce discipline into your life. With discipline, you tell your mind what to believe, instead of it influencing your beliefs. I’m referring to the doubts and self-limitations that you believe apply to you because your mind tricked you into believing you’re not meant to be great. Your brain is supposed to be your greatest weapon, but for the average man it’s his biggest downfall. You display self-destructive behavior because your mind only comprehends what you’ve taught it over the course of many years. If all you’ve internalized is negativity and defeat, that’s what your mind will interpret as normalcy for your life. You fail to become a man of excellence because your mind hasn’t been given the consent to connect your life to a reality of opportunity and success. Let me tell you why this happens… You never want to apply yourself due to some weak excuse. Your bad childhood is the reason why you make poor decisions. Growing up poor is the reason why you’ll never be wealthy. Bad genetics is the reason why you’ll never be fit, so you choose to eat whatever you want. You don’t have time to go to the gym. You don’t have the money or time to start a busines