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Thursday, August 22, 2019

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50 Card Making Sketches
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Discover The Secret To Making Cards You Absolutely Adore Easily And Effortlessly Every Time - 50% Commission.
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50 Card Making Sketches
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50 Card Making Sketches
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“Discover the Secrets To Creating Sensational Handmade Cards That Will Be Treasured By Your Loved Ones And Envied By Your Card Making Friends&rdqu

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1 reviews
Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Many of My Friends and Family Started Begging Me to Show Them “How I Did It”! And it just keeps getting better and better! My fellow card makers think I am a card maker extraordinaire with special creative powers. But the truth is, it’s not magic at all! What I discovered had nothing to do with my ability to be creative…and the secret is so simple. All you need is a plan! Plans are essential in our every day lives. Last time you took a family vacation, you had a plan. You knew where you were going, how you were going to get there and what you were going to take. Sure, you probably made a few minor adjustments along the way – perhaps you took a side trip, made an additional stop or skipped something altogether, but you still had an overall plan. And by having that plan, you didn’t have to constantly stress about all the little decisions along the way, so you had more time to relax and enjoy yourself. Card making is no different. When you start making a card with a plan, you don’t have to worry about all the tiny little decisions that we often get caught up in. You already know what your overall design will look like (i.e. you know where you are going), the steps you need to take to get there and what supplies you need. So you can focus on having fun. Having a plan means you have a very specific and clear direction to follow, so you don’t have to sit there staring aimlessly at a blank card for ages. And believe me, I know what that feels like. I used to think I didn’t have any creative flair at all. I would look around at all the fabulous creations other card makers were making and I just thought that type of creative genius was way out of my reach. But lucky for you, I didn’t give up. In fact, I started making attention-grabbing masterpieces during the commercial breaks of my favourite tv shows…and in a flash of insight, I had found the simple truths behind sensational card designs: This Was A Huge Advantage Over Other Card Makers! I could be a “card making guru” without being the next Picasso! I found my confidence and was no longer a slave to the creativity “monster.” I could create distinctive and enchanting homemade cards whenever I felt like it without any of the frustrations of trying to find inspiration. It’s like having the light bulb to your imagination permanently switched on. So what’s the big secret? I’ll tell you! Card Making Sketches are the secret to my card making success. This overlooked and often forgotten technique sent the originality and ‘wow’ factor of my handmade card ideas through the roof by allowing me to focus on the fun side of card making (like colours to use, techniques to try and embellishments to play with) and not the dull, difficult stuff like trying to figure out how to arrange everything in an eye-pleasing design. Sketches are so easy to use! They allow you to start every new card with a plan so you know what you are doing before you start. They show you what elements you will need to make your card and how to arrange them so that they look fabulous. Anyone – anyone – can use sketches to instantly transform dull, blank cards into first-class masterpieces exploding with colour, gorgeous patterns, exquisite embellishments and anything else your imagination can dream of. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll have your loved ones and fellow card makers drooling over your latest creations in envy. How can this simple secret do all of this for you? Easy. . . because this secret. . . Eliminates the Need To Be A Creative Genius, So You Know Where To Start Each And Every Time YOU Sit Down to Make Cards! I have been creating card sketches for many years now, but I have only ever made a handful of them publicly available… until now! I have been working countless hours to put together this collection of 50 of my best and most versatile card making sketches which include: 50 Sketches Total In The Entire Collection 15 Sketches for Square Cards, 15 Sketches for Horizontal Rectangular Cards and 20 Sketc