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Fixing You
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This New Back Pain Product Is In Testing, Please Do Not Promote Yet.
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Fixing You
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Fixing You
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Fixing You

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A call from a suicidal patient led to the greatest discovery of my career. And then she called back a month later, and my life and career were changed forever. She called to say she was completely pain free. She said that Hanna Somatics had rid her of the crippling pain that had nearly cost her life. I had never even heard of this. She said one treatment with Hanna Somatics and she was 75% pain free. I quickly researched Hanna Somatics and found basically nothing. It was time, once again, to go back to school. I had to basically start over again to learn the proper way to heal my patients' pain. All I had to go on was this woman’s story but it was compelling enough (and I was desperate enough to help these people) for me to make the leap of faith and attend the Hanna Somatics training. It lasted 3 years and required me to be gone 10 days at a time for each session. This was at a time we had two toddlers but luckily my wife understood I had to find out what I was missing. Hanna Somatics provided the missing link.  They had found the same patterns of issues Dr. Sahrmann had but approached them from a different, neurological perspective.  I started immediately applying my training to my patients - I was completely blown away by the results I was getting. I combined these two methods and my patients were experiencing less pain faster and with fewer therapy sessions. That was my eureka moment.  So now let me quickly explain just what these methods are and why they're so revolutionary... a brilliant woman changed how I approach my patients' pain Forever I use a two-prong system to heal my patients. The first part was pioneered by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann of Washington University School of Medicine.   She developed a system for finding the root cause of pain and ways to relieve after more than 50 years of clinical research at the university. This proved to be a medical breakthrough, and she won a mountain of awards for her research. She’s published 113 papers based on actual clinical research. Which means she was dealing with real live patients, not ideas and theories. Shirley A. Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA, is professor of physical therapy, cell biology, physiology, and neurology at Washington University School of Medicine. Through this research Dr. Sahrmann created a system called Movement System Impairment. Those are fancy words that are basically saying ‘how we move, stand, walk, lie down and sit tells a story’. She was the first person to understand that how we move governs how our body feels. She showed time and time again that by watching how a person's body moved, or how it was unable to move in certain cases, we could then deduce what was causing their pain. She developed a set of protocols for assessing problems with the body, and how to apply solutions to fix those problems. And that is key to understanding why we experience pain, and why western medicine does such a poor job of relieving pain. Unfortunately, as brilliant as she was, I believe she was missing a key piece of the puzzle too. That piece lies between your ears... hanna somatics uses your Mind-body connection to heal you The second part of my system was invented by a little known but brilliant man, Thomas Hanna PhD, who developed Hanna Somatics. It's a method of integrating the mind-body connection to release neurological tension in the body. His theory was that most of the pain we feel is caused by how our brain (usually without realizing it) was moving and holding our body in a way that increased pain. The mind-body connection is almost always ignored by practitioners trying to relieve your pain. And that by learning to regain both awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles the brain can remember how to relax and move the muscles properly. He discovered in his practice that we often experienced what he called Sensory Motor Amnesia. That is basically a condition of chronically-tight muscles that have learned to stay contracted due to