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The Healing Triangle
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Anyone Interested In Finding A Solution To Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing Should Get This Product. Proven Hot Market. Proven Product And Excellent Conversions On Our Internal Launch. More Info Here: Http://
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The Healing Triangle -
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How to Use The Healing Triangle Each Disc comes with Both Lecture & Meditation Tracks Listen to the Lecture tracks when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Pop the tracks onto your iPod and take them wherever you go. With The Healing Triangle, you’ll actually look forward to your long commute. Imagine that! Listen to the Meditation tracks at home or work, when you’re seated in a comfortable way and able to relax. They will not just train you, but also put you in such an amazing relaxed state of mind, that you won’t be able to get enough. You’ll want to do this daily, it’s as pleasurable as taking a nice hot bath or receiving a wonderful massage. Frequently Asked Questions Q. Do I need any prior training on Energy Healing to use the Healing Triangle? A. None whatsoever! The Healing Triangle was designed as a fast-track to understanding and using the principles of energy healing on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Having said that, if you’re an experienced energy healer you’ll still find principles in the Healing Triangle that will elevate your practice. Q. What results can I expect by using the Healing Triangle? A. The Healing Triangle focuses on improving your overall health and vitality on the 3 planes of your existence – physical, mental and spiritual. It will give you the ability to heal yourself and others of virtually all problems experienced on these planes, and is an excellent complement to any existing treatments you may be using. Q. Is energy healing safe? A. Energy healing is a scientifically proven concept used by many doctors, scientists and healers across the globe. It is 100% safe in a large majority of cases, although you are advised to consult your doctor if you are currently undergoing treatment for an existing health condition. Q. How fast will I start seeing results? A. Depending on how fast you go through the modules, you should be able to practice your healing abilities within a matter of hours. Your results will continue to improve with continuous practice. Q. Can the Healing Triangle really cure any illness? A. Energy healing has been known to cure a wide spectrum of minor and major ailments, whether they are physical, mental or spiritual in nature. More serious illnesses, however, such as cancer or chronic depression, may take a considerable amount of time to cure, and should always be tackled with a combination of alternative and conventional treatments. While in most cases it is relatively easy to cure yourself of minor ailments like headaches or muscle strains, you may in the beginning only be able to use energy healing to alleviate the symptoms of the aforementioned serious illnesses. Q. Is the Healing Triangle a digital or physical program? A. At the moment, the Healing Triangle course is available in digital format only. You will receive your login details immediately after purchasing and will be able to listen to and download all modules plus bonuses from our secure online membership area. The Healing Triangle may be offered in physical format at some point in the future. Dramatic Physical Relief For Daily Aches And Pains “The meditations have helped me enormously, not only in alleviating stress and becoming more centered, but also in enjoying more harmonious relationships on the job. Not only that, but I have found dramatic physical relief for daily aches and pains associated with arthritis. I cannot thank you enough, Burt, and I speak highly of you to all my families and friends.” ~ Roberta Culver, Alexandria, VA Better Sleep, Less Stress, More Productivity “I was waking up at 3 a.m every night feeling anxious, worried, in physical pain from a car accident and unable to get back to sleep. Within days I was getting more sleep, having less stressful days and becoming more calm, rested and productive at work. After several weeks of doing the meditations, my anxiety and physical pain is now minimal and I am able to sleep through the night. “ ~ Mavi

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