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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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7 Minute Mindfulness
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Earn 75% Front End Commission Plus 50% Backend Plus Recurring Billing To Boost Your Long Term Epcs! Fast, Easy Mindfulness And Meditation. Free Giveaway Hoplink Option Available.
Category name: Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs

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7 Minute Mindfulness
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Seven Minute Mindfulness
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Earn 75% Front End Commission Plus 50% Backend Plus Recurring Billing To Boost Your Long Term Epcs! Fast, Easy Mindfulness And Meditation. Free Giveaway Hoplink Option Available.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Boost your ability to make great decisions Be more effective at work and in life What I'm about to show you is a discovery that appeared in my life after years of struggling with long drawn out meditation. Years of trying and failing to meditate consistently. Let me explain... I was born with a physical injury that caused constant upheaval in my life. During university I explored yoga and meditation as a way to alleviate my troubles and lift my game. Over the first 6 months I became naturally happier, my grades improved, creativity gushed from my mind, my physical pains became tolerable, and I started loving life. But there was a problem. As life got busier, meditation became a struggle... I'd go for a few weeks meditating, then for one reason or another I would stop. Sometimes it was because "I didn't have time", sometimes it was "too difficult to sit and focus", and sometimes I'd stop without any reason at all... Meditation was something I just couldn't stick to consistently, and as a result, I couldn't reap the rewards. It was frustrating... Then one day, sick of the constant ups and downs, I set off to explore the possibilities of what the mind and body can do... And over the next 5 years, the journey took on a life of its own... I Travelled to Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Brazil and Germany... INHALING every ounce of knowledge about meditation, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection. I investigated TRADITIONAL ZEN PRACTICES and researched what MODERN SCIENCE knows today about the power of the mind. This world exposed many truths and many falsehoods about stress, mindfulness, and the untapped potential of our brains and bodies... And let me tell you, it was surprising to see how many others were struggling with practices that just didn't work for them. The most significant thing I noted is how stress builds up ...and when we DON'T release stress we get sick, diseased, and problems begin to push our lives off track. So I started compiling the best and most powerful methods... focusing on solutions that are easily maintainable, doable for any person, enjoyable, and avoid the common roadblocks that people face. And here's what I found... First of all, the honest truth about stress... Nobody can avoid stress, so right here, right now, you can let yourself off the hook. You don't need to reach some fairy-tale level of enlightenment where you live in a bubble and are immune to stress. What you can do however, is quickly bring yourself back to balance. To approach life proactively. To give yourself the tools to navigate challenges with confidence, dignity, and grace. Whether it's financial strains, work, family, relationships, concerns about society, health, or the subtle daily stresses that sneak up on us, these things have the potential to snowball. They far too often grow into something beyond our control, interfering with our ability to create the life we want and damaging not only our mental wellbeing, but also our physical health. According to a recent Harvard Medical School research paper, "Stress-related health problems are responsible for up to 80% of visits to the doctor and account for the third highest health care expenditures, behind only heart disease and cancer. But as few as 3% of doctors actually talk to patients about how to reduce stress." Researchers found that people in who took part in an active relaxation program used an average of 43% fewer medical services than they did the previous year, saving on average $2,360 per person. Of course, these are averages. For some people the costs would be lower, for others unfortunately, the costs would be much higher. But the truth is, it's not about the money. If we don't have our health, we simply can't function at our peak. We can't fulfil our potential, we can't show up for our families and other obligations... our hopes and plans go off course. So, how can we habitually care for our wellbeing?... ...In the words of one of the most influential marti

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