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Active since: Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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The Simple Win System
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Promote The Horse Racing System Of The Year And Get 50% Commission For Every Sale!
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The Simple Win System
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Simple Win System
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Promote The Horse Racing System Of The Year And Get 50% Commission For Every Sale!

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This works with Any bookmaker that accepts bets on UK horse racing! What do I mean by the public win percentage? Well… which ever horse is the betting favorite or the horse the public bets the most money on in a race, will win on average 33% of the races. In other words, if you were to bet on 1,000 favourites and win 33% of your bets based on £2 per bet you would have bet a total of £2,000 and won 330 bets [at an average of £4.40] for a total profit of £1,452. Now, if you take away the total winnings from your total outlay (£2,000 - £1,452) you'll see you've made a LOSS of £548 of your hard-earned cash. I knew there had to be a logical way to achieve a HIGH WIN RATE without spending all hours in the day analysing the form book THAT was the formula I was after. I spent years statistically analysing tonnes of historic racing data from every track in the UK and Ireland, testing, filtering, sifting and qualifying hundreds of different variables. I eliminated certain factors which had no bearing on the outcome and weighted other data which did affect the results in a statistically significant manner. FROM THIS CONTINUOUS RESEARCH I DEVELOPED ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL BETTING SYSTEMS ONLINE! Not only that, I managed to transform the system into a simple, easy to follow step by step guide that takes no more than 20 minutes each day to use. The Simple Win System will allow you to take the opposite view against the opinion of the crowd and exploit repeating patterns the crowd cannot identify without specialist tools. From stay-at-home mothers to retired executives; from unemployed tellers to working stiffs, just plain sick and tired of the 9 to 5 grind; from the lifelong dedicated punter to the young couple struggling to get by, I GUARANTEE you that you’ve never been able to make winning bets as simply and as consistently as this. I will show you exactly how I do it, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to profit at the races consistently, day after day from anywhere in the world. ANYONE can use this… You are a few simple “clicks” away from making it happen. Maybe the best part, perhaps it’s just me, is actually cashing “winning” tickets. That feeling is SO MUCH BETTER than dragging yourself out of the races or logging into your betting accounts after another day of losers. Know what I mean? If you can still see the "Start Now" button at the top or bottom of this page then you’re in luck!! it means there are still some copies left and you can download yours now. Please note that the Simple Win System is ONLY for users of our website and is strictly limited to protect the odds of our selections but also to allow me to work with and “mentor”each subscriber personally – ensuring your success. So you can either choose right now, to be one of the people on the inside, who gets to enjoy a consistent winning record. Or you can remain an outsider trying to figure out how to make the right bets without the proper guidance or assistance. Here's A Little More Of What's In Store For You: A system designed to guarantee you a profit after every winner How to start from scratch with a small betting bank. You'll see exactly how with this amazingly flexible system No mathematical calculations, no form studying or special knowledge required Skip all the hard stuff and get right into the fun part - the part where you actually win selecting runners, even if you have no idea where to start and zero special skills.... Works on all UK and Irish race courses and flat/national hunt and handicap races Place bets from anywhere in the world.