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60 Minute Self Defense
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The Self Defense Company's 60 Minute Self Defense Program. What Everyone Should Know About Self Defense In An Hour. This Product Is Seeing Over A 12% Conversion Rate In This Exploding Niche Market. $37 Init Sale, 75% Comm...50% Comm On Our $147 Upsell.
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self defense, self defense training
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Self Defense Reality Check
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Protect Yourself Against 9 common Attacks Using this Incredible (and simple) Method of Self Defense

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From: Damian Ross - Founder, The Self Defense Company RE: The Reality Check Self Defense Starter Program Dear Fellow Defender, You don’t have to be big, strong or fast to use this scientifically proven method of self defense to survive and win against your worst nightmare. Introducing the REALITY CHECK Program from the Self Defense Company. Nine Worst Case Scenarios featuring SDTS Combatives – an almost forgotten method of hand to hand combat that has been in use since the early world wars. This method was designed so a smaller and weaker person could defeat a much larger, more aggressive attacker even after a short amount of training. Damian Ross Self defense so simple that anyone can master it in a fraction of the time of learning a martial art. The Reality Check Course you’re about to unlock shows you exactly how to defend yourself in 9 common situations using SDTS Combatives. The program is a 3-step process: First we show you the attack, next we give you the solution and finally we show you how to apply that solution to the attack. “In 60 Minutes You Will Know More About Self Defense Than Most Black Belts Will EVER Know.” To some martial arts “experts” the methods might appear crude, simple or unpolished. That’s because it’s most likely those experts have never had to use their skills outside the gym against a determined, capable enemy. In a real fight when your adrenaline kicks in, all you can execute are large simple movements. Most of what you learn in a dojo or gym is for a controlled environment with rules designed for safety, governed by a style or system. SDTS Combatives is not a martial art. What you’re about to unlock is  based on research and experience of REAL WARFARE and VIOLENCE. This is not a sport, this is a tactical response to violence. These methods are designed to save lives not score points or make your attacker “tap”. Over the years we have seen these tactics and training work time and time again because they take full advantage of your survival instinct. Your instincts never lie – they tell you: eat when you’re hungry; get shelter when you’re cold, run if you can and fight if you must. Your challenge being able to channel your natural instinct to survive and protect into action and that’s exactly what you will learn in REALITY CHECK. Don’t Take My Word For It “Having been trained in combatives with special forces, MMA, Krav Maga and a lifetime of wrestling, the training and teaching techniques embedded in SDTS Combatives are the most intuitive, effective and comprehensive I’ve ever experienced in my 15 years of service.  I highly recommend this method of self defense for anyone regardless of their age or experience.” John Poerstel Contractor, US Department of State.  US Army Captain Airborne, SFAS Graduate, Certified Level II Combatives “I’m a Black Belt and I’ve been in my share of fights. The SDTS taught me things I never even conceived. It’s an awesome training system and there is nothing out there like it. Trust me, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.” Danny Bonaduce TV Personality, Radio Host “I want to thank you for selflessly providing this information. The first module was in-depth and concise at the same time. I even enjoyed reading the literature. We implemented the drills. The information has allowed for us to enhance our Applied Defence Systems (ADS) program. These valuable tools and combat principles have increased the realism and value of our self protection system. Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience – Module One incorporates it ALL. Thank you for selflessly sharing these gems with the world.” Reuben Bean