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Electricity - Make It, Dont Buy It.
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Are You Tired Of Outrageous Electric Utility Bills? This Book Shows You How To Set Up Your Own Power Station In Your Back Yard.
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biodiesel, diesel generator, free energy, gas generator, stirling engine, alternative energy, green energy, sustainable energy
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Alternative Energy Source
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Tired of high electric bills? Learn how to make electricity with biodiesel in this eBook.

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That's not all... your new 115 page book is jam packed with only useful information and no fluff. Information like... Page 7: All about renewable alternative energy and green energy... YES - a generator based system can be a green source of power. Just being more efficient than the utility makes your system more "green", but utilizing Biodiesel and recovering waste heat (co-generating) make it many, many times more "green" than your local utility. Page 8: How to size your new system to meet your needs. Everybody's needs are different and the system described in your book is so flexible, you can install anything from a small emergency backup system to a full blown "off the grid" system and every level in between. Pages 14-22: Description of the different system components and why one type is better than another type and where you can buy the components at the best prices. And we're not talking about $20,000 systems like a roof full of solar panels would cost... we're talking about $4000 to $5000 for a complete 5kw system to run a typical 3 bedroom home. Page 23: This chapter is on Energy Conservation - I guarantee you are wasting a whole lot of power in your home. You'll become well aware of this fact when you start generating your own power. This is a very important chapter and will pay for the cost of the book in 2-3 month's time. Page 28: Information on fuel cells, zinc/oxygen fuel cells, and the Stirling Engine. There is a Stirling engine based generator that is available now. Home fuel cells still have some kinks to be worked out, but show promise of a future source of home power. Page 31: Would you like to sell excess power back to your electric company? It's called "net metering" and you can read all about it in your new book. I'll also show you where you can get specific information on your state's requirements - including state grants available to help you pay for your new system. Page 34: Free Energy? It may be here sooner than you think. Sure there are a lot of scams out there, but you will receive only information on systems and people I think are realistic and workable. Page 38: Resources - this is where I show you where to go to get the best components at the best price. You could search for years and not find all these resources. Some sources are great places to find more information and others are businesses that will actually sell you components and give you advice on your new system. How much is this gonna cost me? The price of the book is $29.95. I agree, that's a lot of money, but if you look at what you are getting and how much of your hard earned money will be saved by utilizing the information in this book, it's a great deal that you can't afford to pass up. And don't forget about our 50% commission affiliate program where you can make money by becomming a reseller of this eBook. For complete details, click on the "Affiliate Program" link at the t op left or bottom of this page.  Just to make it worth your while though, I'm going to give you... Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send the processor (Clickbank) an email and they will immediately refund your money. There is a link to do this at the bottom of your email receipt. It's simple, easy, and fast. three (3) additional bonus books absolutely FREE with each purchase Free Bonus 1: How to set up your own methane generating still. Did you know that methane is the same as natural gas? Did you know you can make it yourself from any organic material? You can use this free gas source to heat your home, heat water, cook with, etc, etc. Free Bonus 2: Free Energy Notes - This is a compilation of all my best free energy information. It took me years to find all this information. Great information like... Edward Leedskalnin: Builder of the Coral Castle. This guy has some very interesting ideas about electricity and magnetism. This

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