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Speed Reading Secrets
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Read Up To 5 Times Faster With Improved Comprehension And Memory.
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Speed Reading Secrets
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Speed Reading Secrets (Official Site)
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Discover the secrets of the most powerful speed reading program in America: Learn to read 2 to 5 times faster, improve your reading comprehension, study skills and memory.

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New York University, New York “I have never before experienced a more powerful and measurable improvement in such a short period of time. The results are sensational considering how quickly and easily I tripled my reading speed with an increase(!) in comprehension. The only thing I regret is that I didn't learn this 20 years ago.” Lars-Lennart Carlsson AstraZeneca Are these readers any different than you? No, they are not. They represent businessmen, businesswomen, students and ordinary people with the same kind of skills and intelligence you bring to the table. The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside... and give this new method a try. If you too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time. You can see for yourself just what it’s like to read two, three... even five times faster than you ever dreamed possible... concentrate like a zen master during reading... and comprehend and remember so much, so fast, your colleagues, school mates and teachers will think you are cheating! Let me show you how to become a master of information and gain an almost magical advantage over everyone else you’re competing with. Who ever said business – or even school – should be fair? Success goes to the most astute and agile-minded, the best prepared and proactive people. And almost always, the best informed people will win out. My method will enable you to “out-read” and “out-learn” your competitor – and in the process, catapult your business or personal career to the success you deserve. I want to help bring your skills to the next level with what I’m calling... Speed Reading Secrets An “Insider” Shortcut Program To Develop Killer Reading Skills That Will Supercharge Your Reading Speed, Your Comprehension, And Your Ability To Learn… Even If You Flunked English! Here’s the deal... For years the only way to learn this amazing reading method was to go to one of my seminars... and that wasn’t cheap! In fact, since my company started doing the seminars in 1997 we have been charging $1,500 for our three-day standard program – per person! And my fee for private lessons was $295 per hour, with a minimum of 10 lessons in a package! That is, if you could nail me down for an appointment. And I would have gone on giving only seminars and private lessons for staggering fees, until I realized a very simple economic fact: If I would take some time off from my hectic schedule and write a self-study course... and sell it to people for a slight fraction of my fee... maybe within a year’s time so many people worldwide would buy the course that I would never have to give a personal lesson or seminar again! I could actually make a better living by charging “spare change,” while enlarging my audience, than I could by putting 25 people in a room and charging them fifteen hundred bucks a head. So that is exactly what I decided to do. This is an unbelievably exciting package... designed so you don’t risk a dime checking it out in your own home! What you get is a GIGANTIC manual containing 320 pages of highly-guarded reading secrets. The package details exactly everything you need to know to master the Visual Flow Reading technique in the shortest time possible, and I’m taking it waaay beyond what you saw in the mini e-mail course (did you take the test-drive?). Nothing has been left out... you get the same instructional format that I use for my hyper-expensive private lessons and seminars... with the added advantage that you have it all written down, so you can go over any part you like until

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