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Active since: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Revolutionary Sex
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Category name: Self-Help

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Revolutionary Sex
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REVSEX VSL – Revolutionary Sex
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New Vsl Is Crushing It: Http:// ...same Cookie So You Get Credit For All Our Products. Swipe Copy, Multiple Landing Page Options And Products And More Contact

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Popularity Rank: 30
Offers Recurring Products: true
Gravity: 20.5441
EarnedPerSale: $55.85
PercentPerSale: 67
TotalEarningsPerSale: $55.85
TotalRebillAmt: $31.76
Referred: 52

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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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I get emails like this virtually every day, and I’d love to get one from YOU next... Lee B.from Los Angeles, California Alex, your book took my sex life to the next level...I’ve always prided myself on being very good in the sack.  I’ve been the "first orgasm" for a number of girlfriends, and thought I had my technique pretty well perfected.  I’ve read a number of books on the subject, and picked up your book to see if there was anything out there that would take things to the 'next level'... And for the first time since I can remember, that’s exactly what your tips did for me.Based on some of the techniques and assurances in your book, I was able to "stack" orgasms with my current girlfriend until, after about 10, she started laughing and crying at the same time...It was like a religious experience for her.  And guess who she made her new God?  Lol. We’ve continued to experiment with this, and not only is the sex mind-blowing, but it has built a lot of trust and closeness between us.  There’s something awesome about knowing you can pleasure your woman unlike any man ever has. We’ve made it a game to see how many times I can make her come in a row... this week we hit 42!  It just keeps getting better and better... So a BIG thanks man! Keep up the awesome work! A. M.from Charlotte, NC Alex, I’m usually not one to write the author of a book, in fact, I think you are the first one I’ve ever written, but after reading your book and using your techniques I felt compelled to send you my sincerest THANKS for publishing such an amazing book. To say my sex life has improved is an understatement. I have been happily married for 9 years now but I have to tell you the fire has cooled if you know what I mean. Before I got ahold of your guide I was lucky to have sex once or twice a month and even then it just wasn’t as spectacular as it used to be. I came across your book on the net one day and bought it out of curiosity... to be completely honest I planned on asking for a refund just assuming it would be junk, but what can I say I was curious. I read through some of your methods and figured I might as well give you a fair shot so I decided to try some of them out. Here’s where it gets exciting. Alex I was a little bit apprehensive in trying out some of the more unique moves as sex with my wife has been pretty routine, so I instead used your techniques for getting more out of the standard positions we were used to. Well the results were exciting, my wife really seemed to be enjoying it and had an orgasm very fast , so I then decided to go for a multiple orgasm using the method you shared. Alex let me just tell you that this method works! I was able to give my wife 8 orgasms that night (that’s how many I counted anyways) where as before I felt like I was doing something right if I gave her one. This was very exciting for both of us, and since then our sex life has been much improved. Now she is actually initiating sex with me, and I feel like our relationship is much closer. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other methods in your book, and will let you know when I do, but for right now I just wanted to say I got more than my moneys worth and really appreciate you sharing what you know. C. A. A.from Kentucky Dear Alex, Just using this medium to say a big thank you for your family life improving, and more importantly, Sex Bliss research discoveries you weekly churn out. They are no doubt a great source of making lives more interesting. I really want to tell you my wife asked me where I suddenly came about some of the new secrets and approaches, she was really impressed and this made her to call me her "teacher", it really helped to boost my confidence. [...] Thanks for making Marital Lives and Sexual experiences blissful. E. T. Alex, I really dig your advice. [...] Just your tips alone have worked out SUPER well.  Now every time I have sex, it’s followed by her saying "HOLY SHIT HOW DID YOU DO THAT" H

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