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Active since: Friday, July 18, 2014
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Beastly Wildstar Addons
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Wildstar Leveling Addon To Help Players Reach 1-50 In Under 2 Days. Includes Both Exile And Dominion. Super High Demand Product That Will Sell Like Crazy. The Only Wildstar Addon Currently Available. Ultra High Conversions.
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beastly wildstar addons, wildstar guides, wildstar addons
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Beastly Wildstar Addons
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Beastly Wildstar Guides & Addons Provides You With The Best AddOns to Help Improve Your Game.

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EarnedPerSale: $23.55
PercentPerSale: 50
TotalEarningsPerSale: $23.55
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Blast From 1-50 in 2 Days With Our In-Game Wildstar Leveling Guide AddOn You'll be level 50 in no time - cupcake! LEVELING The Fastest Way To Level 50, Period! Our team of hardcore levelers have worked relentlessly to discover the absolute fastest questing route from 1-50, so you don't have to! This addon will get you past the leveling grind as quickly as possible! In just days you can be end-game raiding and pvping. Get past the grind and get right to the fun stuff! TURNKEY The 4 Keys To Record Setting Speed Leveling All 4 keys of speed leveling have already been thought out for you when you use the Beastly Leveling Addon. You’ll be taken on a seamless step-by-step journey from 1-50. You’ll be told where to go, what quests to accept, where and how to complete them, and the order to turn in the quests, all in the most time efficient manner possible! Know Where To Go At All Times Know What Quests to Accept or Skip Know Where & How to Complete Each Quest Know The Order to Turn in Quests INTERFACE Awesome Navigation and Mob Tracking Tools The Beastly Addon for Frustration-Free Speed Leveling is made by gamers for gamers. The Addon is super  detailed as you can see on the right image. It will guide you through all your quests by giving you the best route possible for an efficient leveling experience. Toss the leveling frustration to the side and start enjoying the end content today! BENEFIT